Words, voice and Talent Shows

November 21, 2014


Words, voice and Talent Shows

This week, we had our second module of Gamechangers on the topic of Communication. We had to come to the session with a speech prepared on any topic of our choice. To deliver the speech in the best and most effective way, Lucrezia started by explaining the “Golden Circle”. This is a rule that only the most effective communicators and companies use to deliver their message. They begin by saying WHY they do what they do, and only then proceed to explain how they do it and what they do. This is because people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. We then learned about the “7 C’s of Communication”: Clear, Concrete, Coherent, Concise, Complete, Correct and Courteous. Upon reflection, I believe that each of these points is crucial in ensuring that our communication is strong and effective.

Stage presence is extremely important to appear smart and professional. I personally believe that even if a speech written beautifully, it can become really unexciting if it is not delivered properly.image-9-Versione-2 This is why the “packaging” of the message is important. The speaker should pay attention to his body posture. Standing straight, projecting the voice and making eye contact with the audience can enhance the emotional impact on the people.  The speaker will then not only look confident but also become confident.

Once on stage, the speaker has 10 seconds to catch the audience’s attention. This is why it is crucial to have a stellar opening.  The audience mainly speculates about the speaker’s character through first impressions. If the speaker begins in a powerful and captivating manner, the audience will be interested and will keep listening. Some tips could be to start the speech with a question and make the audience wonder. Begin with a quotation or anecdote to make your message more personal. Use a joke or fun facts – the audience will love it!

After gaining all this information, we were ready for the Talent Show: those who were eager to give a speech were given a few minutes to make any changes that would improve the speech prepared at home. The rest of us could be part of either the Jury or the Audience. I decided that I would like to be part of the Jury. And I have to say, the speeches that my friends gave were amazing! They were all different from one another and each one was very  personal.  It was beautiful to see the personality of my friends coming out through their words and body language. It was then I realized that the good speakers, the ones that stand out and that you remember, are the ones that really let the audience know who they really are.

“You have to become friends with your audience.”

One of my friends talked about how, sometimes, it’s hard to fit in and you can often feel left out, but that does not mean that you have to change your personality. You will always find people who love you for who you are, even if it takes some time. Another student talked about never settling on one thing. Keep travelling and exploring new things – inspiration can be found anywhere. We have to be free to understand what we want from life. One speech was about success and motivation. You could be one of those people who doesn’t really go to parties, who likes to study hard and get good grades. 4711cb984d05ab2a8f5ad688199712b2 But that doesn’t mean you’re losing out on anything. One day, all the hard work will pay off and you’ll be glad. I was deeply inspired by the messages of all the speeches and the profound thoughts that I could so easily connect to.


Even though we did all of this in a small room with only 15 people, I believe we created a very special and different bond between each other, a bond that involved everyone being vulnerable and honest.


Anushka Shankar, Gamechangers Program 14′

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