The Gamechangers program: a bridge between school and the “real” world

October 8, 2014


The Gamechangers program: a bridge between school and the “real” world

We are currently living an amazing time in history, with the full acceleration of the technological era allowing us to live in a globalized society. But are the new generations ready to surf the wave of the twenty-first century?


The professional world has changed and will continue to do so.

Having spent time in the heart of the future, Silicon Valley, I realized that the rate of youth unemployment is triggered by one main cause: an anachronistic educational system.

Do you believe that students who graduate from high school today feel ready and prepared to face the “real” world? Do they feel confident in choosing the right educational path? And are they able to get the job they dreamed of or have the courage to invent a new one?

We don’t think so. For this very reason, the STAANOI team got together: to create a project which could help unleash the potential of the generations of the twenty-first century and advance a world in which every individual is able to create their own future.

For the past year we have been questioning aspects of the education system and trying to find solutions to the gap that exists between school and the “real world”. Today, we are proud to announce the project which we believe can bridge this gap: Gamechangers.

Gamechangers is a program whose mission is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century. We enable them to adapt to the continuously accelerating future. We empower them to take focused action, to identify their purpose, to make well-informed decisions about their life and to act responsibly toward themselves and the world.

With this objective in mind, we designed 12 different modules to teach 21st century skills, those skills necessary to anyone who wants to compete in the Italian or international market today. Each skill is represented by an Ambassador, a distinguished individual who has excelled in their respective professional field, who helped in the development of the module and who supports us in carrying out our mission to change the game of education beyond its academic scope.

The skills that we have chosen for the first year and which in the future will be complemented by digital skills such as Coding,Robotics and 3D printing, are the following:

Leadership, because every student should learn how to inspire and guide action.

Changemaking, to learn how to embrace change.

Communication and Social Media to be able to communicate effectively, with the most up-to-date tools, and let the world hear one’s voice in a responsible and effective manner.

Empathy, to learn how to speak to people’s hearts and learn how to see the world through their eyes.

Entrepreneurship, to learn how to launch an idea and turn it into a startup.

Creativity, to promote the sacred principle of being able to think “outside the box”.

Decision Making, to help students make the right decisions in a concrete way and not procrastinate on opportunities that should be seized upon.

Negotiation, to learn how to get to a win-win outcome for everyone in any circumstance.

Problem Solving, so that problems can be faced and not lived as insurmountable barriers.

Survival Weekend, to learn how to adapt to any circumstance by spending two days in the wilderness.

And finally My Future, the module that wraps-up the program, in which students are encouraged to explore their passions, understand the importance of being guided by a vision, have determination and be prepared to pursue their goals with a well-defined road map. Gamechangers will help students translate the combination of their skills, strengths and dreams into a concrete career path which can begin immediately. Starting with their first internship and the choice of university degree, to winning their first job interview by sending a CV that clearly expresses what we call “humble aggressiveness”: “I ​​am a Gamechanger; I have the expertise to do this work and what I don’t know I will learn because I have determination and passion. I want to become the CEO, but I can start by being the best in the world in serving coffee! “

Our teaching method includes some of our core values​​. The course is interactive, fun, informal, and students are at the heart of the class discussion. Mentors will replace traditional “teachers” and they won’t teach from the top down, sitting behind a desk. Mentors will moderate the class discussion, which will be led by students and they will learn from one another.Mentors will guide students with passion and will give them the courage to follow unconventional career paths. Mentors will also serve as a bridge between students and the STAANOI organization which, through its network, will connect the most driven students to people from the professional world to whom they can turn for advice and who could potentially become their mentors.

In summary, this is  the program we have designed. We have already introduced it in two schools and we hope to bring it to all schools in Italy and export our model to the rest of the world. In order to do this, we are mobilizing an army of Mentors who, through our Train the Mentor model, will be trained and empowered to teach the program. They will be the teachers of the future, gathered in a large community to support the change in the education systems.

The STAANOI team, Lucrezia, Claudia, Giulia, Chiara, Diego, Domenico, Camillo and all of our Ambassadors, dream of a world in which schools can be updated with the ease with which we update an app on the iPhone. This idea goes hand in hand with the future so that, upon graduation, students will not find themselves crushed by a present for which they were not equipped. We are working so that this can become a standard and we want you to be on board with our team.

Follow us on our blog and on social media. Support us and send us your comments. Along with each one of you, we want to support the generations of the twenty-first century to help them create their own future and find the place in the world that is best for them.

Stay tuned. Keep in touch.

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