Staanoi is organizing an italian summit with Transformative Action Institute to train an international audience with “transformative Skills.

A one- week retreat in a beautiful Italian location with Transformative action trainer: Scott Sherman

STAANOI is organizing a one ­ week retreat with Transformative Action Institute to train an international audience with “transformative skills” in a beautiful location in Tuscany, Italy.

Scott Sherman who will be leading the seminars with innovative activities for teaching the skills for both personal and social transformation is one of the best educators in the world and an acclaimed speaker.


Transformative Action Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is: To teach the most effective methods for how people can transform their lives and the world.
At their core is a new model for change called “transformative action.” This is based on the latest scientific research on the strategies that are most effective when people want to change their lives and change the world.

Their work has reached thousands, from university classes in Colorado and China to high schools in Uganda and incubators for social entrepreneurs. Together, they’re building a movement that’s redefining the methods used for building a better world. Their work is a catalyst for empowering people to lead bold and innovative social transformation.

Transformative Action is training the next generation of visionaries and problem­solvers. Gone are the days of “Death by PowerPoint.” They empower teachers to transform their classrooms with the best practices in education with a dynamic, interactive and experimental curriculum.


The skills teached are:

  • Resilience
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Transformative communication


Their curriculum for teaching social entrepreneurship was recognized as a key innovation in the field by receiving the Cordes/Ashoka U Innovation award. Transformative action also works to improve a team’s vision, creativity, collaboration, and more
Businesses, organizations, governments, and other entities all want to create effective individuals and teams.

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