Staanoi supports Ashoka Italy in the mapping of Italy’s most innovative schools.

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Ashoka Italy, in partnership with Staanoi, has started the mapping of the most innovative schools in Italy!

In September 2015 the international program Changemaker Schools has taken it’s first steps in Italy. Through the Changemaker Schools Program, Ashoka aims to realize the dream of an up-to-date education system that focuses also on teaching younger generations the social skills they will need to fulfil their potential and play a role in building a better world.


Ashoka aims to unite, support and give international visibility to a critical mass of social innovators and pioneers in the education ecosystem (individuals and organizations in schools) that can trace the path for new learning models.

The intent is to create a community of people who works on education matters, especially schools which hold as a priority the cultivation of skills such as empathy, teamwork, leadership and creativity. There are many schools internationally that have already taken this path and are leading others in doing the same.

Thanks to Ashoka’s experience of over thirty years and a methodology which has already been tested to identify and select innovators and social entrepreneurs, Ashoka also selects and manages a network and community of changemakers schools.
The first Changemaker school in Italy will be selected in 2016. To this end, Ashoka Italy started to map the most innovative schools in Italy thanks to the collaboration with our non­profit organization Staanoi.

The goal, once the school is identified according to our selection criteria, is to help discover and strengthen its identity as a Changemaker, and to link it to an international network which organizes international meetings where strategies and innovative methodologies are shared.


Send us your nominations through Facebook and Twitter: Staanoi and Ashoka Italy or at the following email addresses:

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