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January 20, 2015


During our last session we talked about leadership, an important skill that sometimes opens us a variety of opportunities that we cannot even imagine.

Do people have this skill since they were born or can you really become a leader? Does everyone have that key factor that often allows you to stand out from the group? What is the right attitude that a leader should have every day?
All of these questions seem to be easy to answer but if you really think carefully everyone has a different way to interpret these concepts. But what is really leadership and what makes you a good leader?

Well, for me a leader is someone you can trust, someone to whom you can ask help, someone that can create a solid relationshipwith his colleagues because in difficult moments you don’t want to talk to your pet but you would rather have someone that can give you support and motivate you to do always better even if the situation is terrible.

Looking at the first question I really think that, yes, to be a leaderyou need to have confidence, carisma, good communication, all skills that you can acquire during your professional carrier but you also have to be born with that magic, that courage that then helps you to stand out, to go against everyone’s “yes” when you may think that it is NO, bear in mind that the art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. Always remember a leader is the first person that has the idea and with his passion and ambitious vision tries to convince other people to follow him, sometimes his ideas might be rejected but his motivation is so contagious that it is impossible for him to fail.
Ok, yes I have been talking about what is a leader for me…but lets go in depth and analyze what are the fundamental skills that every leader should have.

Now think for 20 seconds and try to guess what skills you should have to be in that place, sitting on that chair, maybe near your boss running your company, well some of the things that you have thought are certainly the same as some of mine, but lets list them: communication, sense of humor, confidence commitment, creativity and lets say also ability to inspire.

YES they are all right, well for must of us, companies and successful business men or women are the key elements that make a good leader. Now its my turn, I really think that all of these skills are essential, the base that everyone should have also the junior employee that aspires to big projects, BUT its not enough, for me a leader has to be motivational, encouraging, strange. I mean you must trust your boss he is the one that could transform your carrier, he manages everything in your team and if he is able to get out of you your 200% well yes he is a good leader. Another important characteristic that he has to embody is sacrifice, it might be strange but yes sometimes you have to be able to give up a certain privilege and put in front of everything else your team or company.

My dad always tells me that there are two type of leaders. One is your boss the other is your ”buddy”. Now it might seem strange but at work or in any circumstance you will always have someone on top of you unless you’re the richest person in the world, but the boss is someone that only gives you orders and deadlines to respect, he watches you from the top and may not even help you if you are in difficulty. The buddy instead fights with you, he motivates you to do better, does the indispensable to carry out the final outcome.

I would like to conclude with a straightforward quote:

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” —Peter Drucker.

Always remember if you want you can.

Nicholas Frapiccini,
Gamechangers Program 14’

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