Decision Making: the act of making a choice between two or more courses of action!

February 13, 2015


really enjoyed the session on Decision Making: it was encouraging and opened my eyes on many things. “Decision Making is the act of making a choice between two or more courses of action”, and even if you did not make a decision, you still did make the decision to not make the decision.

Some decisions are relatively simple and easy to make, like opening an umbrella when it is raining, but others are “quite hard and we tend to put off making them”. I can relate a lot to this statement made by Claudia because I tend to do this often, sometimes I regret it and others I just try not to feel guilty. Each decision is a choice between two or more alternatives. Very often, there is no overall “best” alternative – so it is hard to choose what to do – just like choosing where to go for university, because you will have a different life whatever decision you make.

One of the tasks we had to do was to decide what was “best” given a scenario with no right or wrong answer. For me, one of the scenarios was very straight forward and easy to make a decision upon: it was to go for a trip around the world with everything paid rather than going to university, because this, for me, is a once in a life time opportunity. Obviously, this was according to my value because others in the class had different values and preferred to go to university. One scenario created a very heated conversation between us classmates, and made me realise that some people put passion and love before education unlike me, who value education more. “What one person decides might be different to someone else’s because of differences in their values or in the relative value they attribute to the decision”. We all have our own sets of values and each decision we make is right in our eyes.

We were given the option to think individually of a decision we have had or would have to make, list all possible alternatives, the positive and negative consequences of each alternative and identify the values that were relevant to us when making the decision. My choice was whether or not to study for a test I had the next day, considering my values: education, success, pride and making people around me proud of me; my decision was pretty clear and obvious to study for the test.

Claudia ended with a very meaningful statement leaving me very thoughtful: “Life is a matter of choice – at each cross road, we create our future. Decisions, which we can’t avoid, need to be responsible and well-informed – they might not be “right” for others, but they need to reflect our values, goals and objectives.”

We should not make the mistake to think that events in our life are the product of random circumstance. In reality, they are the result of our own decisions.

Iman Caoulibaly,
Gamechangers Program 14’