Creativity emerges through the acceptance of new ideas no matter how ridiculous they might sound!

February 8, 2015


The definition of creativity is the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. It is about perceiving the world in new and unique ways with your own take on things. Without creativity, literature and the arts – art, music and drama – would not be where they are today because so many ideas come alive due to creative instincts.

Creativity involves two processes: Imagining and Producing. Both are crucial in achieving the desirable outcome. For many people, including myself, it can be very hard to be creative, not because we lack the ability, but because of the fear that accompanies risk-taking. We end up asking ourselves questions like ‘what if others don’t appreciate it and end up making fun of me’ and ‘what if it’s not good enough’. We tend to overthink and consequently censor our ingenuity.

At this week’s module, I learnt that it’s okay if you feel embarrassed and if you’re a little too passionate about your idea! There’s no guarantee that you will succeed the first time you try, or even the second time. But you have to keep trying and keep making mistakes and keep learning. The most important thing is to let everyone participate and have fun. Creativity is all about enjoying what you’re doing, especially if you can share the positive environment with others.

We played several games, some of which were out of my comfort zone and required me to stop thinking and start creating. The first game we played was ‘Just Shout It Out!’ We had to stand in a circle and someone had to randomly shout out the ‘worst idea’ ever. The others had to be very enthusiastic about the idea and support it. Everyone had to be completely spontaneous and creative! Some of us were very nervous, but after seeing everyone participating and having fun, even the shiest of us wanted to jump in.

The next game was called ‘Dancing Squares’. As you can probably guess from the name, we were required to dance! We set up four areas in the room. At each of these four squares, we had to dance according to the theme. It required us to broaden the boundaries of our creativity by providing a twist – creativity through the use of our bodies. We had to let ourselves go, not just mentally but physically.

‘Yes and!’ is a game that is very different. We were required to pair up with a friend. One of us would say something, for example, “Your shirt is so cute”. The other person has to reply by saying something like “Yes, and it cost me about seven hundred euros!” So, we always have to start our reply with ‘Yes and!’ It was very difficult at the beginning because we all felt the urge to disagree with some of the statements. But then we realized that creativity emerges through the acceptance of new ideas no matter how ridiculous they might sound.

Last but not least, we played a game called ‘Extravagant Poem’. This was my favourite game because of my group’s fun approach to it. In groups of 3, we had to write a poem on any topic we wanted. So, naturally, my group chose food! The poem had to be written in a one word per person format where we go around in a circle and each person says only one word. Instead of trying to coordinate our words with each other’s so that the poem made sense, we decided to say random words without paying attention to grammar. Our poem turned out to be quite descriptive and beautiful. The lack of order in the words heightened the creativity involved – creativity is not about perfection.

One of my favourite quotes by Pablo Picasso is “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” I believe that it effectively sums up the message of the session – think outside the box and be courageous.

Anushka Shankar,
Gamechangers Program 14’

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